Council  approves the Board of Management for the BIA's in Blenheim, Chatham, Dresden, Ridgetown,  Wallaceburg and Wheatley.

See download for a list of members nominated to BIA's Board of Management.

One of the primary functions of the BIA Board of Management is to make decisions on behalf of its members and to make the membership aware of all B.I.A. activities.

The B.I.A. Board of Management must be able to identify and respond to the needs of its membership. The B.I.A. oversees the improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally owned land, buildings and structures, as well as promoting the area as a business or shopping district.

Business Improvement Areas

Council Representatives
Blenheim Anthony Ceccacci 
Chatham Marjorie Crew
Dresden Jamie McGrail
Ridgetown Steve Pinsonneault
Tilbury Mark Authier
Wallaceburg Aaron Hall 
Wheatley Melissa Harrigan