Council at its meeting on August 22, 2016 appointed an Integrity Commissioner on behalf of the Municipality. 

The Integrity Commissioner will report to Council directly and be responsible for ensuring compliance to The Municipal Code of Conduct for Members of Council, and conducting investigations as requested by the Municipality into the actions of Council members in an independent and impartial manner.
A general description of the anticipated requirements of the Integrity Commissioner follows: 


Upon request, provide advice to individual Members of council regarding their ethical obligations and responsibilities under the municipal Code of Conduct for Members of Council policy. 

Complaint Investigation and Adjudication 

Upon receipt of an informal or formal complaint, the Integrity Commissioner shall asses the validity of the complaint to determine if it is appropriate and within the mandate of the Integrity Commissioner to investigate any alleged contraventions of the Code of Conduct identified in the complaint.  

 Report to Council

The Integrity Commissioner is responsible for performing their set duties independently, and shall report directly to Council in respect of all such matters.  The Integrity Commissioner shall file an annual report to Council respecting the advice, education and investigations carried out in the previous year, developments or recommendations of significance related to the role of the Municipality’s Integrity Commissioner.

The Integrity Commissioner possess the following: 

  • Ability to interpret and apply the provisions of various statutes, regulation, policies and other enabling documents
  • Impartiality, wisdom, sound judgment, combined with the ability to inspire trust and confidence
  • At least 10-years of senior-level management, legal, tribunal or judicial experience with preference given to those with judicial experience
  • Experience with other Municipality or government agencies would be an asset
  • Proven impartiality and neutrality, comparable to that of a judge
  • Ability to provide services on a part-time, flexible and as-needed basis
  • Generally independent or silent in regard to Municipal politics and known to have high ethical standards
  • Experience managing sensitive inquiries, conducting investigations and making appropriate recommendations
  • Excellent communication skills in all mediums
  • Familiarity with investigatory procedures and applicable legal principles, particularly as they relate to evidence, legal interpretation and natural justice
  • General knowledge of and appreciation for municipal government.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the following individuals by telephone or email:

Judy Smith, Municipal Clerk
519.360.1998 Ext # 3200

and /or

John Norton, Corporate Leader, Legislative Services
519.360.1998 Ext # 3800