Don Shropshire, Chief Administrative Officer

As Chief Administrative Officer, I am responsible to the municipal council for the effective and efficient operation of municipal services. My main function is to lead municipal employees in supporting the community’s strategic plan to provide excellence in service to the community.

Chatham-Kent is a prosperous, welcoming community. Municipal council and administration work with a wide group of community partners to ensure that CK is an inclusive community that celebrates our rich heritage while welcoming innovation and contribution from all its members.  Our community is located in the heart of North America on major transportation routes with access to many key markets. There are 950,000 Canadians living within a one-hour drive of our municipality, three major US border crossings within an hour’s drive, and more than 60% of the U.S. population lives within a six-hour drive.

In Chatham-Kent, we are well positioned for growth. We actively support our business community and pursue investors. Supported by two post-secondary educational institutions - the University of Guelph's Ridgetown Campus and St. Clair College - we research, support and expand our economic base in agribusiness, green energy, advanced manufacturing and technology, and assist a growing number of small businesses in the service, culture and tourism sectors. We are also committed to cohesive marketing of Chatham-Kent by the community itself, boosting our economy with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent vision; a welcoming, healthy, prosperous community that is culturally rich and naturally innovative.

Recognized by the federal government as Canada’s first official “welcoming community” we are committed to resident attraction and retention. We use our natural resources to not only be a world leader in agriculture but also to promote a healthy lifestyle without the stress and cost of living in large urban centres.

Chatham-Kent was voted as the second-most affordable community to do business in Canada by in 2016.

Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair which border much of our community offer great beaches. World class birding, fishing and hunting are found along our shores in in Rondeau, Clear Creek and Wheatley Provincial Parks and more than a dozen conservation areas. We offer more than 70 kilometres (and growing) worth of trails for walking and hiking. Our picturesque paved ‘back roads’ are gaining a national and international reputation for cycling.

Throughout Chatham-Kent there are many parks, tennis courts, skateboard parks, pools, arenas, and golf courses. We actively promote a healthy community, one where personal health and wellbeing, productivity and quality of life come together.

CK's quality of life is further enhanced by a new Chatham-Kent YMCA; a stunning 1,200 seat Capitol Theatre which hosts world class programming and a vibrant local cultural community, the premiere John D. Bradley Convention Centre; and a state-of-the-art St. Clair Thames Campus HealthPlex recreation and fitness facility.

Our culture and heritage are rich. As the northern terminus of the historic Underground Railway we’re home to the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum, Chatham-Kent Black Mecca Museum and Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site.

Chatham-Kent is also known as the classic car capital of Canada and hosts the country’s largest festival featuring historic firefighting equipment.

Join us in Chatham-Kent where, while respecting our past, we are building a brighter future. I invite you to contact me personally at any time.



Don Shropshire,
Chief Administrative Officer