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Nina and Dragos Vasiliu

​About three years ago, our young family of four moved from British Columbia to Chatham-Kent. We said goodbye to the mountains, rainy days, and looked forward to more sunshine, meeting new people and a cheaper cost of living.

The relocation was a lot more stressful than expected, even for us, with previous experience of moving from Easter Europe to Canada about eleven years ago.

But just months after we settled in Chatham-Kent, started meeting people and got involved with the community, things changed for the better. It felt like we had been around for many, many years.

Being involved with various aspects of the community came natural to us, as we've done the same in our previous communities; plus finding groups and places to volunteer in CK, which welcomed new ideas and a new perspective on things, was not that that hard.

We got involved with boards and business committees, event-planning groups and started promoting the image of Chatham-Kent outside of its borders, basically became cheerleaders for our community.

For me, after connecting with the local business network and farming community, as a member of Farm Credit Canada's local team, it has been a great journey so far, both professionally and personally.

My wife, a registered practical nurse with the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, had to adapt in terms of nursing skills, as Ontario's scope of practice is different, but she embraced that as we both like to learn and grow professionally.

We also realized that Chatham-Kent and its new leader, who positively impacted the culture at the municipal level, were very supportive and welcoming to young professionals moving in. We feel truly blessed to have a community leader like Mayor Darrin Canniff.

We also quickly realized that the residents of Chatham-Kent want to preserve some important aspects of this municipality, that make it an ideal location to raise a family, but they also want to see more development, better jobs, better services and more community engagement.

It feels great to be welcomed, appreciated, respected, listed to, and supported; we found all those in Chatham-Kent. It is the people who make the difference and we have great people living here and we should be proud of that.

Thank you to everyone who makes this great community even better every day!

We are very proud to call Chatham-Kent our home now!