Two men taking a work coffee break outside at a construction siteThese resources will help you develop a healthy and supportive workplace by providing practical ideas for addressing a variety of health topics. By investing in employee health you are investing in the health of your organization. Having a wellness committee and management support are proactive steps to making your workplace healthy.

While investing capital in your workplace wellness programs can be beneficial, many changes can occur without any direct cost to your workplace. Health professionals have found that the most effective approach is an evidence-based comprehensive health promotion program that includes Education and Skill Building, Environmental Support, and Policy Consideration.

Getting started is easy. Take a few minutes and review the materials they include:

Workplace Wellness Resources:

  • How do you do it
  • Seven Step Process
  • Health Fact Sheets
  • Scans and Assessments
  • More Resources
  • Recognition Program
  • Calendar
  • Monthly Health Unit Updates

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Why not get recognized for your efforts? View the Recognition Program which was made possible through a partnership with the CK Community Leaders’ Cabinet with support from the Healthy Communities Partnership. Remember to get your application in by May 1st.