hand with latex gloves handling a test tube

1. Standard HIV antibody blood test

We take a tube of blood from your vein and send it to the Public Health Laboratory. Results are available in approximately 7-10 days.  The nurse will discuss with you how you can receive your results.

2. Rapid HIV point of care (POC) screening test

This test is a screening test only, and is done by a finger-pick blood sample. The test is done in the clinic. Results are ready in a few minutes. The test is accurate.  However, a reactive test must be confirmed by the laboratory. Therefore, blood may still need to be drawn from your vein.

There are also two options for testing

1. Anonymous Testing:

Uses a number code on the lab slip and on your file, not your name. This means you are the only one who can identify your test result. Even if you test positive, your name can't be reported. And since your health card is NOT needed for testing, the lab can't identify who you are. Anonymous testing is only done by certain clinics. Your family physician does not do anonymous HIV testing.

Please make an appointment for anonymous HIV testing. 

Sites for Anonymous Testing:

  • CK Public Health  519.355.1071
  • Options Clinic (London) – 1.519.673.4427
  • Windsor HIV Care Clinic – 1.519.254.6115

For other locations, call the AIDS & Sexual Health Info line 1.800.668.2437.

2. Nominal Testing

Uses your name, and health card number, just like any other medical testing. Most family physicians use this method.

Deciding to have an HIV test is not easy and waiting for your result can be even more difficult. If you are not sure what test you would prefer, you can discuss it with the nurse during your appointment.

Our Public Health Nurses can answer your questions and  help you make an appointment at the clinic.