Deciding whether or not to Swim in a Lake?

Before swimming always be aware of recent weather. Heavy rainfall or strong winds increases bacterial levels in beach waters. This may increase your risk of getting an infection. To avoid infection you must be aware of recent weather conditions to decide when you should swim at the beach.

Did it rain heavily yesterday or today?splash pad.jpg

  • YES—don’t swim today
  • NO— go ahead and swim

Was it very windy and wavy yesterday or today?

  • YES— don’t swim today
  • NO— go ahead and swim

Beach Testing for E. coli

The health unit samples 9 beaches during June, July, and August. At least five water samples are collected at each beach and are sent to an Ontario Public Health Laboratory for bacterial analysis. The water samples are tested for E.coli. E.coli is used as an indicator for disease causing organisms such as bacteria and viruses that may be present in the beach water.

Based on the number of E.coli colonies in the water, a geometric mean is calculated from all the samples taken. If the Geometric Mean is higher than 200, your risk of illness is greater. Remember, the results of these samples aren't received for 2 days, so...

Before swimming always be aware of recent weather and read the signs posted on the beach.

Beach Water Sampling is done in June, July, and August and will be posted before the weekend. Click here for Beach Sampling Results.