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We inspect food premises one to three times a year, depending on the type and variety of foods, amount of food handling, type and number of customers, etc.

Inspections are unannounced and focus on the requirements of the food premises regulations. Inspectors complete follow-up inspections to ensure compliance. Repeat violations may result in a written ticket or summons to court.


We look into all complaints regarding any food facility. Inspectors investigate any report of illness associated with a food facility.

You are encouraged to contact the health unit any time you have a concern.

Inspection reports

Access inspection reports on line anytime at Check it CK.  You may also access any food inspection report by making a verbal or written request to the CK Public Health. Be aware that this inspection report only comments on the conditions viewed at the time of inspection. This report may not reflect the present condition of the food facility.

Food Recalls & Alerts

You can subscribe to food recall and allergy alerts from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. You receive an email the moment they issue an alert.

Please note all Food Handler Courses and Drop-in Exams have been cancelled until further notice due to the province-wide lockdown.

Food Handler Certification Classes - As of July 1st, 2018, all food establishments are required to have at least one certified food handler during business hours.

Food safety training is available through the CK Public Health. Go to The link is at the side of this page.

The Food Handler Certification Program provides an opportunity for food handlers to learn about food safety. Food handlers learn about public health legislation, the role of the public health inspector, foodborne illness, safe food handling methods and food premises sanitation. The information allows the food handler to successfully complete the examination to obtain a food handler certificate meeting the Ontario Ministry of Health's food handling training protocol. More importantly, the information assists the food handler in storing, preparing, cooking and serving safe to eat food.

This course is available to anyone with an interest in food safety. The cost for the course is $40. It includes in-class teaching and an exam. A certificate that is valid for 5 years will be issued upon successful completion of the course. Please check our Schedule or dates and times.

You can also drop-in and write the exam if you're just recertifying or have taken the course somewhere other than CK Public Health. The cost for the exam is $10. Click here for times.

Manuals are available to borrow at any Chatham-Kent Public Library or at Public Health on King Street East at a cost of $5.

Click here for other programs approved by the Ministry of Health.

For more information, contact us at 519.355.1071 ext. 2902