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To address this, the province of Ontario has developed the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy. The strategy focuses on: Prevention, Protection and Cessation in order to reduce the burden of tobacco related illness and help improve the health of our community.

What does the strategy mean?

  • Preventing children, youth and young adults from starting to use tobacco products

  • The Smoke Free Ontario Act (SFOA) protects non-smokers by making all public places and enclosed workplaces smoke-free.  Recent update to the SFOA also bans smoking on patios, sporting fields and playgrounds. For more information regarding local laws, please visit our “Smoke-Free Chatham-Kent” page.

  • Information and support is available for those who are interested in reducing or quitting tobacco use.   Depending on your circumstances, there may be free or low cost range of supports available to you across Chatham-Kent. Please contact us for more information and to help get connected to local services.
How do we do this?

Through media and education campaigns, workshops, events, increasing smoke-free spaces through policy development, promoting smoke-free living and enforcing the SFOA and local policies.  By engaging community partners, including youth, we can reach all sectors of our community.