Graphic of Dental Floss Container with a Tooth IconOral Health Services

Did you know that there are three main streams to Healthy Smiles Ontario?

  1. Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO)-Core- This is based on your family household income.
  2. Healthy Smiles Ontario-Emergency and Essential Services Stream (EESS)-If you don't qualify for HSO core you can have your child screened by CK Public Health. If your child has visible cavities or tooth pain we can put them on EESS.
  3. Healthy Smiles Ontario-Preventative Services-If your family does not qualify for HSO Core, and do not have any emergencies we can do preventative cleanings, sealants, and fluoride varnishes here at CK Public Health-Clinic Services. Call us at 519.355.1071, ext. 5700, or for more information visit the Healthy Smiles Ontario website.

Have questions about oral health?

A member of our team is ready to answer! Contact us to find out how to book an oral health presentation for a group/school/church etc., get one-on-one teaching or just to get some good information on taking care of your teeth.


Healthy smiles are for life!