Graphic of Dental Floss Container with a Tooth IconOral Health Services

Did you know that there are three main streams to Healthy Smiles Ontario?

  1. Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO)-Core- This is based on your family household income.
  2. Healthy Smiles Ontario-Emergency and Essential Services Stream (EESS)-If you don't qualify for HSO core you can have your child screened by Chatham-Kent Public Health. If your child has visible cavities or tooth pain we can put them on EESS.
  3. Healthy Smiles Ontario-Preventative Services-If your family does not qualify for HSO Core, and do not have any emergencies we can do preventative cleanings, sealants, and fluoride varnishes here at Chatham-Kent Public Health-Clinic Services. Call us at 519-355-1071, ext. 5700, or for more information visit the Healthy Smiles Ontario website.

Have questions about oral health?

A member of our team is ready to answer! Contact us to find out how to book an oral health presentation for a group/school/church etc., get one-on-one teaching or just to get some good information on taking care of your teeth.


Healthy smiles are for life!