Couple walking along boardwakDon't outlive your fitness!

Keeping active helps:

  • you feel healthier and stronger
  • improve your balance
  • reduce falls and injuries from a fall 
  • you stay independent longer
  • prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, osteoporosis, adult-onset diabetes, depression and some cancers
The Canadian Community Health Survey states 67% of seniors who are active three or more times a week are in good health, compared to 36% who are not active as frequently.  If you’re not active now, adding any amount of physical activity can bring health benefits. Start small, do a bit more, a bit more often.
For most people physical activity should not be a problem.  Before you start any new activity or increase your current activity level, it is recommended to speak with your doctor or health care provider to discuss what's right for you. 

How much activity do you need to stay be healthy?

In only 2 ½ hours per week you can improve your health and ability.  Your activity needs to be:
moderate intensity such as a brisk walk or bicycling; you will likely feel warm and breathe a bit faster
in blocks of 10 minutes or more
With your doctor’s approval, you need to work up to activities that make you sweat a little.  Review the guidelines to learn more.

Getting Active in Chatham-Kent:

  • take advantage of the natural surroundings weaved throughout the municipality; trails, bike paths, parks and beaches
  • join an exercise class at one of the many local health, fitness, or senior centres
  • go to the C-K Seniors Portal and see what is going on in your area
  • if you’re not active now, any amount of physical activity added into your day can bring health benefits

Links to help you get active: