Older Canadians are living longer with fewer disabilities than generations before them. 

To maintain good health and quality of life throughout your later years, it is more important than ever to focus on staying healthy and free of injury.

Staying connected with friends and family, keeping active, enjoying healthy eating, and living tobacco free are ways to maintain good health.  With age comes a greater risk for having a fall and a fall in an older adult can be life changing.  Reduce the risk for having a fall by making little changes in and around your home.

It is never too late to make healthier choices. Follow the suggestions below and make the most of your later years. 

Who’s Aging
Move More
Balance Your Plate
Bone Health 
Facts about Falls
Falls Hurt
Finding Balance
Safe Medication
Medicine Clean Out
Think Before You Drink
Elder Abuse
Be Tobacco Free
Stay Connected
Exercises at the Kitchen Sink