Ontario Social Services Twitter coevr page of a mother and daughter huggingThe Ministry of Community and Social Services helps Ontario's most vulnerable citizens with programs and services that support strong and healthy communities, while working to ensure every person has the opportunity to succeed and participate in community life. 

The Twitter and Facebook social media channels offer direct communication and customer service. These sites aim to help clients better understand their rights, rules and services available. The ministry updates and monitors their Twitter account, and Facebook page during regular business hours. 

They welcome your comments and questions on their new social media sites.

While all case-specific enquiries should continue to be through your caseworker, general information questions can be answered via these channels.

When you post to these pages, please make sure that you do not include:

  • the personal information or images of anyone but yourself
  • any unnecessary personal information such as your address or phone number.

If you have questions about a case specific situation, we encourage you to contact your caseworker or contact the Ministry. The Ministry has posted disclaimers relating to the use of each of their social media sites. Ministry of Community and Social Services will read all posts/ comments and pass on relevant communications as appropriate.