African woman looks up at a progression plan to move from hut to education to job to family.L.E.A.P. offers special programs that you may be able to participate in, including: LEAP Homework Club, and special workshops and classes.  Your worker will also help you get involved in other local services like adult education options, parenting programs, recreational activities for you and your child. 

Graduates of the LEAP program receive a $500.00 bursary towards their own or their child’s post-secondary education. To graduate you need to finish your high school education, complete at least 35 hours of parenting programs and prepare for employment in the future.

You can participate if:

  • You are eligible to receive Ontario Works financial assistance

  • You are a parent who is 25 years of age or younger

  • You have not yet completed Grade 12

  • You agree to meet the requirements of the program

For more information on the Learning, Earning & Parenting Program (LEAP) please contact a Leap Caseworker at 519.351.8573 or email: