Your monthly cheque includes portions for your basic needs and your shelter costs.  Your income, assets, family size, and Ontario Works eligibility criteria determine your eligibility for income support.

Income Support includes:Two hands encircling a group of persons also in a circle holding hands engulfed in white light

  • Basic Financial Assistance
  • Benefits and Services
  • Income Reporting Statement (I.R.S) cards
  • Eligibility Verification Process (E.V.P)
  • Earnings Exemptions
  • Appeals
  • Eligibility Review


Basic Financial Assistance

If you are eligible for financial assistance, your cheque will include portions for your basic needs and shelter costs.

Benefits and Services

For every month that you qualify for Ontario Works you may be eligible to receive dental coverage, basic vision care and the Ontario Drug Benefit. Talk to your Caseworker about benefits and services available to you. . 

Income Reporting Statement - I.R.S cards

You may be required to submit an Income Reporting Statement each month to determine your ongoing eligibility. Your declaration of income is completed and submitted on the 16th day of each month to calculate your next month’s cheque. Complete this form

Eligibility Verification Process (E.V.P)

Your file will be reviewed periodically to make sure you are receiving the correct amount of entitlement.

Earnings Exemptions

Employment earnings are deducted dollar for dollar in the first three months of your eligibility with Ontario Works. Starting in the fourth month, only 50% of your earnings will be deducted. Other exemptions may apply. Ask your Caseworker for more information.

Your Right to Appeal a Decision

If you disagree with a decision that has been made on your file, you have the right to appeal the decision.

How do I Appeal a Decision?

To appeal submit a request for an internal review to the Ontario Works office. The appeal request must be in writing, explaining the reasons why you disagree with the decision. Your request must be received within 30 days of the initial decision. Your request for appeal will be reviewed by a Supervisor.
If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome, you can proceed to the Social Benefits Tribunal. Forms can be found on the Social Benefits Tribunal website or picked up at your local Employment & Social Services office.

Eligibility Review

If you would like to file a welfare fraud complaint, you can contact:

The Welfare Hotline: 1.800.394.7867

Chatham-Kent Employment & Social Services: 519.351.8573

If we receive a complaint about your file, we will review the matter and advise you in writing of the outcome.

What is Employment Support?

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Employment Support assists persons receiving basic financial assistance with programs and training to re-enter the workforce quickly.

You can view the Employment Support page for more detailed information on this component. Only those in receipt of Ontario Works basic financial assistance may participate in these programs. 

For more information on Ontario Works Programs and Services:

Call: 519.351.8573 or for general inquiries email: