Air Conditioner Relief ProgramGuidelines:

Applicants will be eligible to receive up to $300.00 to purchase a new, energy star certified air conditioner, if they do not currently have a working air conditioner.

Applicants will also be issued $50.00 per month, per air conditioner, for up to 4 months, to help subsidize the costs of operating the air conditioner. 
A maximum of $100.00 per month can be issued for this purpose.  This amount may be adjusted where actual is less (i.e.. inclusive hydro costs, or fixed amount to operate air conditioner).  Ontario Works and ODSP recipients, not at maximum shelter, should have their shelter costs adjusted to reflect the shelter cost change when an air conditioner is in use, instead of issuing through this fund.

Applicants must be able to prove the following:

  • A current hydro bill with enrolment in the OESP program
    OR lease agreement confirming all-inclusive hydro cost.

  • Currently enrolled in the OESP program
    OR complete an application for OESP if paying hydro costs.

  • Prove eligibility by demonstrating current Ontario Works/ODSP enrolment
    OR submitting proof of current income and bank statements if determining the Low Income Measure (LIM) criteria.

Contact our office at 519.351.8573 for more information.