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The Ontario Trillium Benefit combines the following three credits to help pay for energy costs as well as sales and property tax:

  • the Ontario Sales Tax Credit
  • the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, and
  • the Northern Ontario Energy Credit

You need to be eligible for at least one of the three credits to receive the benefit.  

Get Your Money - It’s Easy!

Even if you don't have income to report or haven't filed for a few years, filing a tax return is the smart thing to do. Ontario has many credits and benefits, but you need to file your tax return to get them.

Use the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) Telefile to file your simple tax return by phone or use an online tax software package. You can also sign up for direct deposit – the fastest and easiest way to receive your benefits. For more information about tax filing and direct deposit, visit the CRA at www.cra.gc.ca or call 1.800.959.8281.

To see if you are eligible for Ontario credits, visit ontario.ca/taxcredits or call 1.800.337.7222.