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Learn more about:

Qualifying for Ontario Works?
What if I’m under 18?
Now that I am on assistance, what are my rights and responsibilities?
Reporting my Income?
Confirm family members are eligible for Ontario Works?
Appealing an Ontario Works decision?
Getting information about my cheque?
Applying for Temporary Care Assistancefor a child who is living with me temporarily? 
Obtaining financial help with dental services for children under 18?
Contacting other Ontario Works offices?
How do I apply for Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)?

Other Government Services:

Workers compensation?
Canada Pension?
Ontario Disability Support Program?
Applying for a Birth Certificate SIN card, health card, marriage certificate?
Getting help with health expenses if I don't qualify for Ontario Works? 
Applying for the Ontario Child Benefit?
Applying for the Canada Child Tax Benefit?
Contacting the Family Responsibility Office?
Replacing my Child's Ontario Dental Card?