Short term placements may include clerical work, gardening, building maintenance, assembly and special events that support opportunities for Non-Profit organizations throughout Chatham-Kent.

Community Placement Supports are available to help with clothing, transportation costs, childcare and other costs required to attend the placement.

Benefits of "Job Trials" through the Community Placement Program:

  • Connects people to the workforce

  • Learn good work habits

  • Make new contacts in the community

  • Provide an opportunity to give back to the community and help others

  • Obtain new job skills and improve present skills

  • Build self-esteem

  • Demonstrate motivation, reliability and dependability as it relates to work

The Community Placement Program Benefits Chatham-Kent Non-Profit Agencies and Organizations

Badge in black and white which says Volunteers our heroesEmployment Placement Specialists are available to act as a link between the agency and the volunteer. The program is flexible and volunteers are available for short term job trials.

Non-profit and public sector organizations can use this program to help with valuable services and events they provide to Chatham-Kent residents and visitors. 

For more information about the Community Placement Program call 519.351.8573 or email us.