The H4Y program combines a Portable Housing Benefit (PHB) with intensive Case Management services to support youth and help them find long-term housing stability.

Priority Populations:

  • Youth experiencing chronic homelessness
  • Indigenous youth
  • Youth transitioning from provincially funded institutions such as correctional facilities and child protection agencies
  • Youth with addiction and/or mental health concerns
  • Youth in the H4Y program will be assed prioritized and will be quickly placed into affordable permanent housing or provided rapid re-housing, if necessary.

Ongoing Intensive Case Managers (ICM) will provide:

  • Life and tenancy skill coaching
  • Help to build family relationships where possible
  • Mentoring
  • Mental health and addiction stability supports
  • Help find affordable, permanent housing quickly and provide financial support
  • Portable Housing Benefits to access and maintain housing 
  • Assistance to youth with lease agreements, secure housing, and assistance with communicating with landlords
  • Budgeting skills, and help youth access additional financial supports
  • Help in the event of eviction. Staff will work to re-house the youth as quickly as possible and minimize the time of housing instability

As youth acquire the skills for more independent living and experience the challenges of becoming an adult, their service needs may change. ICM's will also assist youth in maintaining their housing and achieving self-sufficiency by working with them.

Intensive Case Managers (ICM) help:

  • Find jobs or enroll in employability and/or training programs
  • Enroll in school
  • Access financial supports
  • Prepare resumes and practice interview skills
  • Attend the Chatham-Kent Employment Centre
  • Teach meal preparation and home management
  • Provide supports to life skill development within the community
  • Teach parenting skills and relationship building

H4Y Partners:

  • Access Open Minds
  • Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)
  • Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton Kent (CMHA)
  • Employment and Social Services (ESS)
  • The House of Sophrosyne (HOS)

For further information contact Employment and Social Services 519.351.8573 or email Subject: Homes 4 Youth.