Community Relations Program

Community Relations Workers (CRWs) assist residents of social housing in Chatham and Wallaceburg to ensure that they are aware of the resources and supports available in the community. CRWs connect individuals with agencies that work with tenants and landlords to help make our community stronger. 

Principles of Outreach & Engagement 

  • Work with & support the strength of the community
  • Establish relationships with individuals
  • Respect individuals and remain non-judgemental
  • Provide helpful feedback and encourage learning and accountability
  • Adapt to culture and circumstances
  • Engage with residence accommodation planning and activities

What We Do

CRWs can be contacted for support and assistance in resolving issues that may put their tenancy at risk such as:

  • Job loss/Arrears
  • Issues affecting eligibility for rent geared to income
  • Form Completion

CRWs can provide tenants with support and referrals to agencies who can assist with:

  • Health services
  • Social assistance programs
  • Budgeting
  • Mental health issues
  • Parenting issues
  • Illness or disability concerns

For more information about the Community Relation Worker Program, contact us at 519.351.8573 and ask to speak to a Community Relations Worker.