In 2018, progress was made on increasing housing stability and ending homelessness for the residents of Chatham-Kent.  The 2018 Annual Housing & Homelessness Report provides an update on the progress the Municipality of Chatham-Kent has made on achieving its 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan. The goal of the plan is to help every person secure an affordable and safe place to call home.

One of the most important things accomplished in 2018 was to implement Coordinated Access for Chatham-Kent citizens experiencing homelessness. This coordinated approach to service delivery brings together community partner agencies who are prioritizing individuals and families that require the greatest supports. This ensures they receive the services, when they need them, based on real-time, reliable data.  By having access to fulsome data, including a valid By-Name List, we can be more responsive to the needs of our community.

We look forward to continued progress in 2019, as we host community consultations and plan the next 5 years of our 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan. It takes a community working together to ensure the availability of affordable housing for everyone who needs it. Working together - community housing providers, supportive service providers, and private landlords – can create enormous impact. Please take a moment to provide us with your thoughts and ideas by completing the Housing and Homelessness Plan General Survey.

2018 Homeless Prevention Programs and Services Statistics2018 Homeless PRevention Programs and Services Statistics