A photo of HA/RS rental building in Tilbury.Chatham-Kent Housing Services (CKHS) manages a Rent Supplement program in partnership with local private landlords. RGI eligible residents may also qualify for a Housing Allowance that will help make market rents in Chatham-Kent more affordable.


  • Investment in Affordable Housing- Extension Housing Allowance
  • Rent Supplement (Rent-Geared-To-Income)

How does the Rent Supplement Program Work?

The Landlord will enter into an Agreement with CKHS. CKHS will refer tenants to the landlord. If eligible and approved, the rent supplement will be paid to the landlord by CKHS.

Am I required to sign a Lease with the Tenant?

Yes. The rent supplement program requires the landlord to sign a lease with the tenant.

Does the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) apply to the tenancy?

Yes. A full landlord and tenant relationship exists between the landlord and the rent supplement program tenant.

To inquire about becoming a CKHS Rent Supplement landlord please contact Chatham-Kent Housing Services.