A photo of the entrance to CKHS at 435 Grand Ave., Chatham.




Form #


SH-F01 Housing Application
SH-F01a Special Needs Addendum
SH-F11 Monthly Arrears Reporting Form for Housing Providers
SH-F02a Notice of Complete Application
SH-F02b Notice of Complete Application Received (Telephone Interview)
SH-F03 Notice of Incomplete Application Received
SH-F04 Notice of Request to Pursue Other Income
SH-F05a Notice of Decision, RGI Application Approved
SH-F05b Notice of Decision - Denial
SH-F05c Notice of Decision - Denial - Arrears
SH-F06 Notice of Decision - Special Needs
SH-F07 Notice of Opportunity to Comment
SH-F08 Internal Review Request Form
SH-F09 Outcome of Offer Form
SH-F10 Notice of Updated Information Request