A photo of Riverview Terrace. A CKHS affordable housing building for seniors, located at 5 Tecumseh Rd., Chatham.

Rents in these units are NOT rent-geared-to-income. Instead, the rents are at approximately 80% of the average market rent as posted by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

What are the average market rents in Chatham-Kent?

  • 1 bedroom units, $680
  • 2 bedroom units, $777
  • 3 bedroom units, $752

What are the Household Income Limits for this program?

  • Bedroom Unit - Gross Household Income $31,000
  • 2 Bedroom Unit - Gross Household Income $33,500
  • 3 Bedroom Unit - Gross Household Income $43,000
  • 4 Bedroom Unit - Gross Household Income $54,000

How can I apply for Affordable Housing?

  • All applicants must be 16 years of age or older and sign the application
  • You must be able to live independently.
  • You must be a Canadian Citizen/Permanent Resident or have made an application for status as a Permanent Resident or have Refugee Claimant status under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act Canada where no removal order has become enforceable against any member of the household.
  • Have income below the Household Income Limits (listed above)

Affordable Rent Locations;

  • Adelaide Manor, 59 Adelaide Street, South, Chatham
  • Nasr Manor, 20 Wedgewood Avenue, Chatham
  • 86 Pine Street, Chatham
  • 51 Kirk Street, Chatham 
  • 48 Fifth Street, Chatham

Senior Affordable Rent Location;

  • Riverview Terrace, 5 Tecumseh Road, Chatham

Please make sure that all of the supporting documents are attached:

  • Copy of birth certificate for all members of the family
  • Must include the most recent Notice of Assessment 


  • If you own a house or sold a house within the last 3 years – the mortgage statement  or deed papers (you must agree to put property up for sale upon offer)
  • Please answer all questions in full and if the question does not apply to you, please put N/A (not applicable).
  • You cannot owe arrears to any Housing Services Provider or have been found by the Rental Housing Tribunal or a court of law to have misrepresented income in relation to the receipt of rent geared to income assistance.  You will not be eligible for Housing Services until arrears are paid in full

Apply Now:

Applications can be submitted electronically (complete digital version below); 

OR print off the above application and submit by mail or hand deliver to:

Housing Services Division 

435 Grand Avenue West, PO Box 1296

Chatham, Ontario  N7M 5R9

If you require a hard copy of the application or for  further information please contact:

Housing Services Division / Community Human Services
(519) 351-1228 

If your application is approved, you will be placed on our waiting list.

Office hours are Monday - Friday - 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (excluding holidays) .