Beginning July 1, 2018 Chatham-Kent Housing Services (CKHS) is moving towards "Smoke Free" buildings for those on the active Chatham-Kent Coordinated Waitlist for Rent Geared to Income (RGI) Housing and those who apply now.

Municipal buildings affected by the new Smoke-Free Building policy are listed in the chart below:


99 McNaughton Ave West

100 Poplar Street

85 Pine Street

5 Tecumseh Street

Other Urban Centres

287 Talbot Street West, Blenheim

82 Talbot Street East, Blenheim

370 Walnut Street East, Bothwell

655 Holden Street, Dresden

9 Cecil Street, Ridgetown

3/5/7/9 Sunset Street, Tilbury

1-7 Gladstone / 29-33 Ella Streets, Tilbury

13 Oak Street, Tilbury

18 Canal Street, Tilbury

11/13/15/17/19 Sunset Street, Tilbury

175 Erie Street North, Wheatley

109 Park Street, Wallaceburg

29,32 Thomas Street, Wallaceburg

200 Westcourt Blvd, Wallaceburg

459 Murray Street, Wallaceburg

All detached houses owned by CKHS

New tenants in buildings owned by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent will be required to sign a lease acknowledging a Smoke-Free Building policy and to abide by it while living at that building.  

Current CKHS tenants will have the option of changing their lease to a smoke-free designation. We will have designated outdoor smoking areas on the properties after July 1, 2018. If a household is currently living at one of the affected buildings and transfers to another affected building, they will be required to sign a new lease with the smoke-free unit designation at the new building.

The Smoke-Free Building policy will allow applicants housed before July 1, 2018 to smoke in their units if they choose. Applicants housed on or after July 1, 2018 will only be permitted to smoke in designated outdoor smoking areas on the building property. All common areas in buildings are currently, and will remain, smoke free.




Chatham-Kent Housing Services

Community Human Services

Municipality of Chatham-Kent




NEED SUPPORT?: If you would like to quit smoking and need support, please contact Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit at 519-352-7270 or visit for more community resources.