Spring Break Camps

Since we can't meet you in person this "April Break" due to the current COVID-19 situation. We welcome your creative kids to join us for a week of fun-filled, engaging programming from the comfort and safety of home.

Create a Splash Art Kits

Create a splash this Spring Break at home with Thames Art Gallery and Chatham-Kent Public Library and explore the wonderful world of watercolour painting! Register to get a watercolour kit for your family to create together all break long.

A basic watercolour tutorial will be posted on CKPL and TAG's YouTube pages on April 12, 2021. Level up your creative skills with specially selected Creative Bug tutorials!

Register for a FREE Watercolour Kit:

  1. Phone: 519-354-2940
  2. Text: 519-401-7174
  3. Email: cklibrary@chatham-kent.ca

Art Kit includes one watercolour palette and two brushes per child. One kit per family registered.

March Break Mystery

The game is afoot and we need your help to solve The Case of the Missing Magic Lantern.

The year is 1894, the renowned Magic Lantern performer Theodore Samuels has just arrived in Ridgetown to do a show. As he waits for his baggage to be unloaded from the coach, he notices that one bag has gone missing. Unfortunately, it is not just any bag, for it holds his prize possession, his magic lantern. He saw it was loaded at the train station, but now it is nowhere to be seen.

Did someone take his bag? Who would want to prevent him from performing? Could one of those passengers have accidentally taken his bag by mistake? Or did someone steal it?

He is scheduled to perform his first show tomorrow morning, can you help solve the mystery?

Each day during the week of Spring Break clues and activities will be posted on our Chatham Cultural Centre Facebook to assist you while you crack the case and discover what actually happened to the magic lantern.