Art-tastic Camps

Imagine, create and engage! Creative camps inspire the artist in every child who attends our Art-tastic Camps at the Chatham Cultural Centre. Allow your kids to join the fun and express their creativity. Our camps provide a safe space and loads of art-making activities to explore with new friends. The fun is endless and your child is sure to get a little messy!

Summer Art Camp Registration Opens May 5, 2022

  • Ages 7-12 years
  • Location Studio One, Chatham Cultural Centre
  • Time: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Cost: $160 per week

How to Register for Creative Camps:

  1. Online Arts + Culture Program Registration
  2. Call 519-360-1998
  3. In-person at Chatham Cultural Centre or your local Municipal Centre

Art Heist 2022! Solve the Mystery of the World's Biggest Art Heist!

July 4 – July 8 | $160 | 7-12 years 

The worlds biggest art heist remains unsolved as millions of dollars of priceless art is missing! The unexpected theft took place against the backdrop of a pandemic when major museums closed their doors to visitors. Thieves walked off with priceless paintings: Cezanne, "Still life with Apples," Van Gogh's, "Sunflowers" and Tom Tomson's, "Jack Pine." Recreate these priceless treasures, work with art mediums, learn new techniques and solve the mystery!

Art Heist 2022 Camp Registration

Mellow Yellow Art Camp

July 18 – July 22 | $160 | 7-12 years 

Mix it up! You've got the magic touch! Paint a watercolour galaxy, psychedelic mandalas, marbled paper landscapes and clay rainbow unicorns! Get stuck in creating glue drip paintings! Stretch your imagination and experiment with technique with friendly monster blow art! We're going to have a rainbow of fun in this art camp!

Mellow Yellow Art Camp Registration

Funky Junky Blingy Thingy Art Camp

August 2 – August 5 | $160 | 7-12 years

Recycled, repurposed and reimagined, mixed media art camp fun! Create a recycled shape painting, Hello Kitty type pop culture, clay, sculpture, adorned with pom-poms, glitter, buttons and crazy craft materials! Don't stop there! Make a street scene by creating graffiti art with stencils, collage and sgraffito style painting.

Funky Junky Blingy Thingy Art Camp Registration

Save This Place For Me! Go WILD this Art Camp

August 15 – August 19 | $160 | 7-12 years

Celebrate planet earth in this art camp! Go on a scavenger hunt! Take a closer look and discover all the variety in nature; preserve pressed leaves and flowers on clay stamp mobiles, make your own clay nature pendants and sunflower coil pots. Go wild for bobble head clay animals, stamp and decorate clay hand trays and make nature prints! Enjoy the beauty of the earth this week at art camp!

Go Wild Art Camp Registration