CK PUC Operational Plan

The purpose of this Operational Plan is to describe the comprehensive Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS) developed and implemented by the Public Utilities Commission for the CK PUC. 

The DWQMS Operational Plan covers the activities and personnel associated with all operational aspects of the drinking water systems for the CK PUC. The drinking water systems are identified by the following waterworks numbers:

1. Chatham-Kent Surface Treatment and Distribution System which includes:

  • South Chatham-Kent Drinking Water System - WW # 260024999

  • Wheatley Drinking Water System - WW # 220003332 

  • Chatham Drinking Water System - WW # 220003378

  • Wallaceburg Drinking Water System - WW # 220003341

2.Bothwell Distribution System - WW # 260002551 

3. Ridgetown Well Supply and Distribution System - WW # 220003369

For further information, or for a copy of the DWQMS Operational Plan, please contact Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission.