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Report information is available to the public through the links below or for viewing at the Chatham-Kent PUC office, 325 Grand Avenue East, Chatham during regular business hours.

The following information is available:

  • Every report given to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent by an accredited lab

  • Every report or record made of the analysis of water samples carried out for aluminium, chlorine residuals, fluoride or turbidity

  • Every approval and every order or direction under the Act that applies to the water systems

  • Annual drinking water reports

New Drinking Water Regulations

The Ontario Government has enacted new drinking water regulations (O. Reg 170/03) under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002, to replace the Drinking Water Protection Regulation for Larger Waterworks (O. Reg 459/00).

Annual Reports

The table below shows annual reports for the various water systems in Chatham-Kent:

Water System

Annual Water Reports

Bothwell Water System


Chatham Water System
(including Pain Court, Grande Pointe, Mitchell’s Bay, Dresden, Tupperville and Thamesville)


Highgate Water System (Decomissoned 2018)

 20182017, 2016

Ridgetown Water System  


South Chatham-Kent Water System
(including Blenheim, Charing Cross, Erie Beach, Merlin, Port Alma, Rondeau Bay Estates, Shrewsbury, and South Buxton)


Wallaceburg Water System


Wheatley Water System
(including Tilbury)


Southwest Middlesex Drinking Water System -  (formerly known as West Elgin Water System)
(water source for Bothwell's Water System)


Lambton Area Water Supply System
(water source for St. Clair Township's water system)


For further information, or for a copy of an annual report listed above, please contact Chatham-Kent PUC.