CK PUC has worked with local farmers to see the feasibility of providing a water hookup in rural areas for the purpose of drip irrigation. The project started small in 2016 with 2 fields being irrigated from the water in municipal water distribution system.

Every year challenges have been experienced in this irrigation pilot project and processes have been added to manage the program. Not every location requested has been approved and the application has to be analyzed against the distribution systems needs and availability of water flow and pressure for this purpose. 

The PUC has decided to continue this program, but limit the number of approvals to five (5) throughout Chatham-Kent and if there are more applicants than the five (5) allowed, a lottery system would be developed to select the successful applicants.

The applicant is required to fill out an Application for Agricultural or Drip Irrigation Hydrant Rate of Flow Control System and submit to CKPUC. Once all applications are received, hydraulic modelling is performed to determine if each location is suitable and if all the applications can be used concurrently. 

Not all applications will be approved.