Watermain/Sanitary Sewer Extension Procedure

A main extension is required whenever a property within the water / sanitary service zone is developed and that property does not abut a main, or when an existing abutting water main is not adequate to provide the required pressure or flow rate.

Petition for Water / Sanitary Sewer Main Extension

A resident desiring a main extension shall petition the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) requesting permission to extend a water / sanitary sewer main using the Petition Form attached to the Water or Sanitary Petition Procedures. Petitions require that 50% of the property owners in the proposed project boundary sign the petition.

By signing the petition, there is no obligation to pay. The signatures are collected to show interest in finding out how much it will cost to extend a water / sanitary sewer main and to discuss the matter further.

The PUC will review the petition request and provide a preliminary estimate, including a vote to all property owners in the water / sanitary service zone.

PUC policy requires that a majority of property owners be in favour of the project before administration would recommend that the project proceed to construction. The majority is considered at 66% of all returned ballots.

For further information, please download a copy of the Waterline and Sanitary Sewer Assessment Policy for Un-Serviced Areas, or contact the Chatham-Kent PUC at 519-436-0119.

Water / Sanitary Sewer Connection Request

Coordinator Contact Info:

  • Water and/or Sanitary Connection: AM/FM Engineering Tech 519.436.0119

The coordinator must approve a request for new water or sewer connection before any work begins.

The coordinator will indicate any applicable fees that must be paid before any installation work will be started.

Upon payment, a connection will be installed from the main to the property line. It will be the responsibility of the property owner to install the connection from the property line to the building.

Procedure for Water Service Installation

All property owners within the water service area shall be required to obtain a New Water Service Installation Permit from the Chatham-Kent PUC/Chatham-Kent Building Department and/or any Municipal Service Centre, before any connections are made to the new Municipal Water System. Click on the link for the Water Servicing Installation Procedure. Driver’s License Number (or other type of ID) is required for account set-up. The Permit Fee for existing homes is $270. The Permit Fee for new homes being constructed is $270 for the water meter plus $100 construction fee.

When the Permit is picked up, the property owner is required to install the water service (from the curb box (valve) at the property line to the house).  [Please see Water Meter & Backflow Prevention Policy document link at right-hand side of page]

Backflow Prevention

Backflow preventers are mandatory on all water services (urban or rural) which are connected to Chatham–Kent Municipal water. A backflow preventer is to be installed on the outgoing side of the water meter.

Water Meter Installation

After the water service is installed, an appointment shall be scheduled with Customer Service at Entegrus for installation of the water meter, water meter reading device and activation of the water meter.  The water meter shall be accessible and be installed horizontally, by Entegrus, in a location where it can be read from its face.  The water meter shall also be installed in a location where it is protected from freezing, i.e. full basement, laundry room, closet, under sink, etc.  Water meters shall NOT be located in the crawl space.  Water and/or wastewater charges will apply as soon as the water meter is installed by Entegrus. Please contact Entegrus at 519.352.6300.

A water meter must be installed on the drinking water supply before any water is used.
Water or Sanitary Petition Procedures and Petition Form