The Wallaceburg water treatment plant (WTP) and its raw intake are critical components of the Wallaceburg Water Supply System. The exisiting plant was originally constructed in 1946 and since then has undergone numerous upgrades in 1948, 1980 and 2009, with the most recent upgrade in 2019. Due to their age, the plant equipment and structures have reached the end of their life expectancy, and are constantly failing and requires frequent repairs and replacement. 

The Water abstracted from Chenal Ecarte undergo treatment while passing through multiple unit processes consisting of flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and chlorine disinfection at the exisiting WTP prior to be converted to safe drinking water. The finished water meeting the provincial drinking water quality requirement is then distributed to the community of Wallaceburg and surrounding areas. 

For the purpose of fulfilling the provincal environmental regulations, Chatham-Kent PUC (CKPUC) has initiated a Municipal Class Environment Assessment study to identify and re-evaluate alternatives for the exisitng aging WTP to meet the current and future needs of the Community of Wallaceburg, as well as neighbouring communities while satisfying industrial demands.