Following a condition assessment by Eaton Electrical at the Chatham Water Pollution Control Plant of the existing electrical substation, Eaton determined that the equipment was at the end of its service life and was in need of replacement.   In addition to the substation, the CK PUC proposed replacement of an existing aging motor control centre which powers to the Chatham Water Pollution Control Plant Raw Sewage Pump Station.  Included in this project will be the design and replacement of the primary and secondary power feeders, step-down transformers at the plant substation, and the Raw Water Pump Station motor control centre.  In addition, the ventilation system in the Raw Sewage Pump Station will be updated to achieve compliance with current Building Code requirements, as well as, improve the ambient working environment for operations staff.

The Chatham Water Pollution Control Plant Electrical Upgrades Project has a total projected value of $1.1 million. The timeline for this project is July 2016 to March 2018.

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