Water & Wastewater Development charges assist the Municipality to finance a portion of the cost associated with the new infrastructure and municipal service expansion needed to support growth.


The by-law charges are set out in the following schedule and apply to residential development based on the number and type of dwelling units and non-residential development based on non-residential gross floor area, as applicable.

Lands affected include all lands within the geographic area of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the By-law applies whether or not the land or use is exempt from property taxation.

For further information, or for a copy of the DC/Part XII information pamphlet, please contact Chatham-Kent PUC.

Water and Wastewater Development Charges (DCs)

These fees are payable by the property owners upon issuance of a building permit with respect to each dwelling unit, building or structure.

Part XII Charge

These fees are payable by the property owners as part of the assessing by-law for a new waterline or sanitary sewer project cost.

For 2020, the following Development and Part XII charges apply:

Wastewater Services

Water Services



Single Detached Dwelling & Semi




Apartment: 2 bedrooms +




Apartment Bachelor & 1 Bedroom

$ 954



Multiple Dwelling




Retirement / Nursing Home / Long Term Care

$ 837

$ 1,036


Bunk House (per bed) * *
$ 837
$ 1,036

Non-Residential (per ft² of Gross Floor Area)

















      * * As per a motion of Council as of March 25, 2019, Bunk House (per bed) charges are being charged @ 25% of current fee

      * All industrial lands are exempted from Development Charges


This pamphlet below summarizes Chatham-Kent's policy with respect to Water and Wastewater Development Charges. The information is intended only as a guide:

Development Charges Information Pamphlet 2020