Sewer Use By-law

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has been proactive in following recommendations that municipalities adopt and implement a sewer use by-law.

The implementation of a sewer use by-law is a means of helping the municipality to meet the quality of effluent discharges from its wastewater treatment plants.

Monitoring is conducted to control discharges to sewage works with respect to the requirements of the Sewer Use By-law.

For the Sewer Use By-law please see the link in the downloads to the right.

Mandatory Sewer Connection By-law

In October 2005, Council passed the Chatham-Kent Mandatory Sewer Connection By-law which required property owners, upon receiving notice from the Municipality, to connect into the sanitary connection available at their property line.

The by-law states that property owners have 18 months from first notification, to obtain a municipal sewer permit and decommission their existing septic sewage system and hook up their home to the sanitary connection available at the property line.

For the Chatham-Kent Mandatory Sewer Connection and Amending By-law please see the link in the downloads to the right.

For residents who have not connected to the municipal sanitary sewer available at their property line, a "Notice to Comply" letter and Information Package was recently sent out requiring them to connect to the sanitary sewer within the 18 month deadline, as stated in the By-law.

For further information, or for a copy of the Notice to Comply & Information package, please contact Chatham-Kent PUC.