TThis is an image of water pouring into a glasso protect the municipal water supply from backflow contamination, CK PUC has developed a comprehensive Backflow Prevention Program. Analyzing various hazards to the safety of the water supply and ensuring barriers are in place to control or eliminate those hazards, is a priority. A serious hazard that exists in municipal water supply systems is the possibility of backflow of contaminated water from hazardous sites into the municipal water supply.

The Backflow Prevention Program focuses on the isolation of private water systems from the CK PUC water distribution system with the installation of a suitable Backflow Prevention Device located on the property owner's water service.

In 2015, Chatham-Kent Council passed a By-law referred to as the Backflow Prevention Bylaw. The Backflow Prevention Bylaw affects all industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) properties, and multi-residential buildings and structures four (4) stories or higher.

All notified property owners are required to have a Cross Connection Survey completed. All Surveys, installation and testing to be done under the Program must be carried out by a Contractor who has been approved and is listed on the attached Backflow Prevention Program Approved Contractors List. All completed Surveys and Test Forms to be submitted to Chatham-Kent PUC, 325 Grand Avenue East, Chatham, ON N7L 1W9 or emailed to 

Compliance dates for the installation of backflow prevention devices will be based on the hazard of the property. All backflow prevention devices require an initial test upon installation and annually thereafter.

Not sure what steps are required to comply or to find out more about Backflow Prevention contact Chatham-Kent PUC at 519.436.0119..