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Things to know about making a purchase suggestion:

  • Please check the catalogue first to make sure the library does not already own a copy.
  • Please enter as much information as you can to help us find the item you are looking for.
  • Library staff evaluate all suggestions following our Collection Development Policy.
  • The library does not purchase items that are over two years old.
  • Please do not suggest current titles from bestselling authors and other popular material. The library will be buying these anyway. Simply check the catalogue regularly to place a hold on these items. Ask library staff to show you how to quickly find what's new.
  • Please do not suggest titles that are not yet published or released.
  • To use this service, your library account must be up-to-date and not have any overdue fines or charges of $10.00 or more. Please visit any CKPL branch to renew your card or clear your account.