The cost of these services is:

  • Black & white prints/copies: $0.25 per page
  • Colour prints/copies: $0.75 per page (available in Chatham and Wallaceburg branches only)
  • Scanning: free!

Print jobs expire at the end of each day.

Wireless Printing

Google Cloud printing from your mobile device is currently available for Android devices. The library is working on providing this option for apple devices in future!

For Android devices, download the Google Cloud Print app from the Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, click on the link below for your branch printer and it should install. You may have to go to settings to turn on printing.

For laptops, open this page in your Chrome browser and click on the appropriate branch printer link below to associate that printer with the Google account on the laptop. You may have to sign in with your Google account.





 Chatham Black White


 Chatham Colour

 Wallaceburg Black White


 Wallaceburg Colour





See staff to release your mobile print job or use a self serve print release station (available at the Chatham and Wallaceburg branches).

3D Printing

Chatham-Kent Public Library offers 3D printing as a service. You can design a 3D model at home, send us the file and the specifications via our web form and we'll print and send the object to your local branch for pickup!

If you’re interesting in using CKPL’s 3D printing service, attend one of the library’s Intro to 3D Printing workshops where you’ll learn more about 3D printing and get certified to start printing!

For more information, see our 3D Printing page.