To access the Internet using CKPL computers or wireless network, you must have a valid Chatham-Kent Public Library card and be registered to use the Internet. Children under 16 years of age must have a parent or guardian co-sign their library cards. With their signature, parents/guardians are indicating their responsibility for their children's use of library services and resources, including the Internet. Visitors may obtain a temporary guest account by presenting photo identification.

The library's Internet Access Policy provides Internet use guidelines and information about privacy, content filtering, Internet use by children, printing, downloading and wireless access. Patrons using the library's public network agree to abide by the library's Internet Access Policy.

Wireless Access

All CKPL branches offer free wireless access to the library’s wireless network. Wireless access is available between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm every day, subject to occasional disruptions due to network connectivity issues, repairs etc.

To access the wireless network, you will need a laptop or other mobile device with a wireless network card (WiFi 802.11b or 802.11g compatible).

The name (SSID) of the wireless network is "CKPL-Wifi"

There currently is no time limit on wireless access, however the system may disconnect and require you to log in again if you have not been actively using the wireless network for an extended period of time.


The security of your mobile devices is your responsibility. Please do not leave your devices unattended. We strongly encourage all wireless users to install up-to-date virus protection on wireless devices and to download the latest security patches for your operating system and software. The library is not responsible for theft or damage to patron devices.

As with most public wireless hotspots you should assume the connection is not secure. The library's wireless network is open to all users and is not encrypted. Please keep this in mind before accessing sensitive personal or business information.

For security reasons there is no access to FTP, PPTP, SMTP, SSH, Telnet, or file sharing. Wireless access to some streaming audio/video may not be available.

Technical Support

Everyone's device is different and you need to know how to configure your own equipment, including network settings and hardware configurations. Library staff are trained on library-related technologies but are not computer technicians. We will do our best, time permitting, to help you access the wireless hotspot and use downloadable resources. For more help, you may need to contact the manufacturer of your device or service provider, or seek technical support from a company that services computers or electronics.

Charging Your Device

We recommend you charge your device's battery before coming to the library. If your device's battery is not charged, you may use available electrical outlets provided the electrical cords do not present a tripping hazard or prevent patrons and staff from moving freely.