Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary loan services are provided for CKPL patrons in an effort to provide access to materials not available in the library's collection. CKPL patrons may submit purchase suggestions for materials that CKPL does not own and CKPL will investigate borrowing the material from another library system.

Requesting Items

Interlibrary loan requests may be made at any CKPL branch or by calling 519.354.2940. Please check the library's online catalogue first to make sure CKPL does not already own the material you are looking for at one of our eleven branches.

Interlibrary loan requests will be made when material requested through a purchase suggestion does not meet CKPL's Collection Development Policy (e.g. the timeliness or accuracy of the information is not suitable for the CKPL collection, the item is out of print or rare, or the item is too costly to consider for purchase).

To use this free service, your library account must be up-to-date and not have any overdue fines or charges of $10.00 or more. To renew your card or clear your account, please visit any CKPL branch. 

CKPL may limit the number of concurrent requests from patrons based on volume and staffing.

Interlibrary loan privileges may be suspended by CKPL for borrowers who habitually fail to pick up or return requested material or who have not paid any applicable replacement fees.

Borrowing Items

Each library system has its own policies and procedures for interlibrary loan services so loan periods vary with each interlibrary loan. Please keep track of your due dates. For renewals, please call 519.354.2940. Overdue fines are $1.00 per day up to a maximum of $15.00.

CKPL does not borrow the following types of materials through interlibrary loan:

  • Materials published in the current calendar year.
  • High-demand materials, such as bestsellers, mass-market paperbacks, course and project material, and book club reading lists.
  • Current editions of standard reference materials, such as directories.
  • Non-print material, such as DVDs and books on CD.
  • Entire issues of magazines, journals and other periodicals (CKPL will request photocopies of specific portions of a periodical).
  • Multiple copies of the same title.
  • Multi-volume sets or series.
  • Materials only available from libraries outside North America.

Interlibrary loan items are not transferable to other patrons.

Returning Items

As interlibrary loan items are borrowed from other libraries, please take special care to return them on time and in good condition.

Items may be returned to any CKPL branch. Please return the items in their plastic cases. A replacement fee of $3.00 will be applied to your account for any item returned without the plastic case.

Renewing Items

Please call 519.354.2940 if you would like to renew an interlibrary loan item. Items borrowed from other libraries may only be renewed with the permission of the lending library. Loan extensions must be arranged by CKPL.

Overdue and Replacement Charges

Overdue fines for interlibrary loan items are $1.00 per day up to a maximum of $15.00. The replacement fee for lost or damaged materials is set by the lending library.


Interlibrary loan services are provided for CKPL patrons in an effort to provide access to materials not available in the library's collection. This service is provided via the province-wide Information Network for Ontario (INFO).

See CKPL's Interlibrary Loan Policy for more information.