What is a Chromebox?

  • A very small computer running Google's Chrome operating system (OS).
  • It uses cloud-based Google apps like Chrome web browser, Facebook, YouTube, OverDrive, Word, Excel and PowerPoint (online versions).
  • It has an audio jack, HDMI port and several USB ports.

Why are Chromeboxes ideal computers for a public library?

  • Library staff can manage all the Chromeboxes from a single control centre over the web. 
  • Chromeboxes can be updated remotely all at the same time! 
  • Library staff can maintain and troubleshoot them remotely too so less time will be needed to fix problems.
  • No data is saved locally on the device so we won’t need to worry about personal information being accessed by the next user.
  • The cost of the devices and licenses is significantly lower than a Windows computer running Microsoft software.

Are Chromeboxes easy to use?

  • Chrome OS is basically a big browser, so if you can run a program or play a game through a website, you can use it on Chrome.

Will the library still have Windows and Mac computers?

  • Large-screen iMac computers are available for public use at the Blenheim, Chatham, Dresden, Ridgetown, Tilbury and Wallaceburg branches.
  • Windows machines will be available for working with microfilm readers (and stand-alone scanners until new all-in-one scanning/printing/copying machines are rolled out later this year).

Thank You!

Thank you to Ontario Works for funding the new Chromebox computers and to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent IT Services staff for helping with the rollout and network improvements.