Telling Our Stories

Chatham-Kent Public Library Supports... Seniors, Newcomers, Homeschoolers and... You!

Chatham-Kent Public Library is proud to share a series of videos recognizing and celebrating different populations who use our resources and our space.

In our first video, Una, a senior from Blenheim, describes the important role libraries have played in her life. The public library is a lifelong resource for members of the community.

In our second video, Dipti, a newcomer to Chatham-Kent, describes the important role the public library played in her life when she came to Canada. The public library is a gateway of resources to members of the community.

Our third video features a local homeschooling family and highlights some of the ways that the public library offers a wealth of educational resources – all at your fingertips!

Our fourth video features Tim and Verna, Chatham-Kent community members who describe the important role the public library plays in their lives. The library offers Tim and Verna a place to connect; both to meet new people, and to find enjoyable and entertaining reading and movies.  

Chatham-Kent Public Library invites everyone to visit the Youtube channel “The Value of Public Libraries – Telling Our Stories” to watch the videos and contribute your own!