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Check out Chatham-Kent Public Library’s database Pebble Go, designed for PreK to Grade 3 students. Students this age are just learning how to research, read, and distinguish between fact and opinion. Pebble Go is designed for students to conduct research in a friendly and safe environment. While navigating the database, students can choose to have text read aloud.

Pebble Go has four learning modules for students: Animals, Dinosaurs, Science, and Social Science. Within these modules, Pebble Go offers a glossary, additional activities, media, and educational games for students. The bottom of each article has a ‘cite’ option so students build an early understanding about the importance of crediting authors and their work.

At the bottom of each database section there is a section called Community and Teacher resources which offers additional lesson plans, standard alignment, colouring sheets, additional activities and more.

This year, CKPL has also added Pebble Go Next Science, a research database for children in grades 3 to 5.