Here you can find documents of public interest such as council minutes, by-laws, assessment rolls, tax collectors rolls, and budgets, as well as corporate records. Historical maps, books and memorabilia are also offered for sale.

Archival records from former municipal entities are inventoried and are available through Ontario’s Archival Information Network, ARCHEION, and the Canadian Archival Information Network (CAIN).

You can view public records, by appointment, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The W.G. McGeorge Building is located at 325 Grand Avenue East in Chatham. Call 519.436.0977 to make an appointment or for further information.

Items Available for Purchase

GST and Shipping & Handling is applicable.
** indicates hard cover

Item Title Cost Community/Notes
Book The History of Dresden $5.00 Dresden
Book Settlement on the Sydenham $5.00 Wallaceburg
Book Baldoon Mystery $5.00 Wallaceburg
Book Thamesville Historical Churches $7.00 Thamesville
Book Thamesville’s Town Hall $7.00 Thamesville
Book** Thamesville’s Town Hall $10.00 Thamesville
Print Battle of the Thames 12”x14” $10.00 Thamesville
Book** Orford’s Story 1827-1977 $5.00 Orford/Highgate
Book** Romantic Kent $45.00 Chatham-Kent
Booklet Romantic Kent Biographical Index $3.00 Chatham-Kent
Book** Years of Change $25.00 Chatham-Kent
Book** Dipper Stick (land drainage history) $7.00 Chatham-Kent
Book Dipper Stick (land drainage history) $5.00 Chatham-Kent
Book Windfall at the Forks (architectural) $3.00 Chatham
Cap County of Kent Crest (black only) $6.00 Chatham-Kent
Necktie County of Kent Horse Emblem $18.00 Various colours
Spoon County of Kent Emblem $3.00 Coffee spoon
  County of Kent Letter Opener $3.00  
Map 1876 Shackleton & McIntosh $8.00 Kent County
Map Kent County Lots & Concessions $8.00 Kent County