Local authors that will be at the Book Bash Local Author Showcase include:

Mary Clendenning Gage

Published Works: "Because I Love You", "Charlie's Choice"
Bio: Mary Clendenning Gage has been writing children's books for over 20 years. She is inspired by the fact that a child's whole life is open to them and writing for them gives them an opportunity to see that anything is possible!

Yejide Kilanko

Published Works: "There's An Elephant In My Wardrobe"
Bio: Yejide Kilanko was born in Nigeria. She now lives in Chatham where she practices as a Social Worker for Children's Mental Health. 

Veronica Lloyd

Published Works: "Charlie", "I See Ice Cream", "My Wrinkled Heart", "Pancakes for Breakfast, Pancakes for Lunch", "The Colours of the Seasons"
Bio: Veronica Lloyd is an author, a retired educator and the owner of a very active imagination. She feels that writing stories is like imagining on paper, a way of recording what goes on in her head so that others can experience it too!

Meggan A. Mackenzie

Published Works: "What Does It Take?", "Pergie's Problem", "Wonderfully Made"
Bio: Meggan Mackenzie grew up in Tecumseh, Ontario where she studied the arts. After receiving two degrees; one in the arts and the other in education, Meggan decided to share her passion for the arts with children and adults. She now proudly resides in Chatham. 

Arlene Evelyn Melanson

Published Works: "No One Owns A Tree", "No One Owns A Grizz"
Bio: Arlene Melanson lives in Palmyra, Ontario on a hobby farm. She has always loved to write and started writing at a very yourng age. She belongs to the Writers Union of Canada and to the No Rules Writing Cirlce of Palmyra. Arlene's books give important messages about the environment, of sharing, and are quite funny. 

Susan Nuttall

Published Works: "Too"
Bio: During Susan Nuttall's 32 years as a Probation Officer (while working with youth and adults), she has learned that many people suffer from poor self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence as a result of criticism. She feels that these issues can limit a person's ability to value their own strengths, abilities and to appreciate differences. "Too" is a children's book that is meant to inspire an appreciation of our individual strengths and differences. 

Emma Kathleen Vandermeer

Published Works: "Societies' Cries"
Bio: Emma Kathleen is a Chatham born and raised teenage author and speaker. Her passions lie in empowering young people to walk in their worth and know their identity, as well as learning and sharing about Canadian history and politics to anyone who will listen. In October of 2018 Emma released her first book "Societies' Cries" and since then has spoken in various settings including a Saskatchewan wide youth conference. Emma loves all things literature (especially "Anne of Green Gables") and music, lives with her mom and sister and is a Chatham-Kent Secondary School Grade 11 student. 

Wade Vermeersch and Pamela Muntean

Published Works: "Escape to Erie's End"
Bio: Wade Vermeersch and Pamela Muntean are two Canadian born authors, residing in Ontario. Motivated by literature’s ability to be life-changing, Wade and Pamela focus on producing relevant and engaging literary works that resonate with young adults. They want anyone who encounters their work to fall in love with every turn of the page or scroll of the ebook.

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