CKPL banner

Our Mission

To be an indispensable centre of culture, community and learning in Chatham-Kent.

Our Vision

Connecting communities with information and inspiration.

Our Values


We believe that CKPL is a vital stepping stone in a lifetime of learning.


We bring together diverse ways of thinking, to collide and intersect; where communities can be created and connected.


We offer free access to people of all backgrounds and abilities.


We respect the community’s needs and contribute to our economy and culture.

Welcoming Space

We create a positive environment that welcomes and inspires both staff and community members.

Intellectual Freedom

We uphold the principles of intellectual freedom and the open exchange of information.

Our Strategy

Build Competencies

The staff, board members, and volunteers with CKPL will focus training efforts in the areas of technology, proactive customer service, marketing, and fundraising.

Building Relationships and Partnerships

CKPL will actively seek to strengthen Chatham-Kent by building relationships and partnerships with and between community groups, agencies, library patrons, Council, Chatham-Kent communities, and schools.

Tell Our Story

CKPL will market its services by explaining exactly how library services benefit each individual or organization in the community, and Chatham-Kent as a whole.


CKPL will build or find expertise in locating additional sources of funding, and be open to a diverse range of fundraising opportunities.