Property Standards

What Does the Property Standards Bylaw Cover?

  • Exteriors of all properties, including the condition of the exteriors of buildings, yard debris, and the security of vacant buildings.

  • Interiors of residential buildings. While the interiors of buildings must meet a minimum standard under the Property Standards Bylaw, the Bylaw works independently of the Landlord Tenant Board. Some tenants may need to contact both the Property Standards Department and the Landlord & Tenant Board to have issues resolved. 

Note: Heritage buildings have certain standards that must be maintained under the Property Standards Bylaw.

If you are unsure of what area your complaint would fall under, you may call the office at 519.360.1998 for clarification.

Process of Submitting a Complaint:

  1. A written, signed complaint form should be submitted to the Bylaw Enforcement office within the Building Services Department at 315 King St W.

  2. Once the form has been received, the property standards inspector will visit the property in question (according to its position in the queue of complaints received before it and the nature of the complaint itself) to ensure that it is a valid complaint.

  3. If it is a valid complaint, then a letter is sent to the property owner advising on the specifics of the infraction, what is required in order to comply with the Property Standards bylaw, and how long will be given in order to comply.  

  4. The Bylaw Enforcement Department will follow up with the complainant regarding the actions taken.

For a copy of the Property Standards Bylaw, please contact Building Development Services.

Note: In addition to the Property Standards Bylaw, the Bylaw Enforcement Officers also enforce other related Chatham-Kent bylaws.