The Building Department is responsible for ensuring all construction in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent meets required standards for land use, structure & safety. The process which ensures this mandate is achieved is the issuance of building permits and the subsequent required inspections.       

The following permits can be obtained through the Building Department:

  • General Building Permit

  • Demolition Permit

  • Pool Enclosure Permit

  • Municipal Sewer Connection Permit

  • Septic Permit

Please refer to the Building Permits page for more information on the building permit application process and application requirements.                                                                          

Ontario Building Code

The Province of Ontario developed the building regulations found in the Ontario Building Code. Each municipality in Ontario is required to uphold and enforce the regulations contained in the Code. Chatham-Kent’s Building Code By-Law accounts for this responsibility.

The Ontario Building Code provides standards for the design and construction of homes and businesses that ensure construction is safe, consistent, and economic.

As a homeowner or business owner, you have a substantial investment in your property that could be jeopardized through Building Code violations. Make sure you (or your contractor) obtain a building permit prior to any construction and schedule inspections during construction appropriately when needed to ensure that building code regulations are followed

* Important Note *

The onus is on the owner to make sure a permit is obtained before work begins, even if the builder is the one to apply for it. Also, it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure all required inspections are booked and completed, again, even if the builder has taken on this duty.