Click the link to the right of this page "Open Air Burning Information" to access a copy of the Open Burn Bylaw, Frequently Asked Questions about open air burning, the Agricultural Permit and the Campfire Permit.

There are two permits for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent: 1) to address the uniqueness of our rural community and 2) to strike a balance between customer service, recreation and public safety.

Agricultural Open Air Burn Permit

The Agricultural Open Air Burn Permit is used to address the needs of the agriculture community and this permit is free but fires can only be set within daylight hours and permits are issued only on the condition that there is an approved burn safety plan in place.

Campfire Permit

The Campfire Permit can be used to have a campfire to be able to keep warm, for recreation, including family or friend gatherings, and cooking; and is available to all residents of Chatham-Kent, provided the campfire location meets with the required clearances contained within the bylaw.

The Campfire Permit will have a one-time cost of $20.40 per annum, per property. If at any time the fire interferes with the common enjoyment of a neighbours’ property or their right to clean air, the fire must be extinguished. The permit holder can have a campfire until 1:00AM.

The Campfire Permit can be downloaded from the right of this page by clicking on the link "Open Air Burning Information".

Rural Areas

In accordance with the Fire Prevention and Protection Act, O. REG. 213/07.c.4, the Ontario Fire Code Division B, Sentence of R.S.O. 1997 - Agricultural Open-Air Burning is not permitted unless approved by the Station Chief of your community fire station.

An application to burn must be submitted. The Agricultural Open Burn Application, including conditions for burning, can be downloaded from the right of this page by clicking the link "Open Air Burning Application".